About Rhodes..

Things to know

General Rhodes is the biggest island of Dodecanese and today is one ...

Places to visit

1. The old town: In the morning you can be lost in ...

The history of Rhodes

Ancient Times The island was inhabited in the Neolithic period, although little ...

The Acropolis Of Lindos

Lindos does not seem to have been particularly important in the earlier ...

The Grand Master’s Palace

The palace was first built by the Knights of St John of ...

The street of the knights

This heavinly restored building now houses many government offices and cultural institutions. ...

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About us

Welcome to the V.i.p. Taxi Tours web site. If you are visiting Rhodes and you need a guide to all the beauties and historical places of this magnificent island, then you are in the right place. Enjoy the luxury that you deserve. We are offering high quality services, safe and comfortable transport. Whatever your need […]

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The old town

Best to know one thing from the start about Old (Medieval) Town of Rhodes (Rhodos): It’s not laid out on a grid — not even close. There are roughly 200 streets or lanes that simply have no name. Getting lost here is not a defeat; it’s an opportunity. Whenever you feel the need to find […]

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The new town

Nothing will prepare you for the diversity that Rhodes new Town has to offer, great shopping, cafes and bars galore a pretty parkland as well as the bustling harbour of Mandraki. In complete contrast, you find impressive 15th century buildings within the majestic walls of the Old Town with narrow cobbled streets, traditional coffee shops […]

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The Monte Smith hill

The Hill of Monte Smith, marks the site of the Acropolis of ancient Rhodes. The Green and beautifully laid out archaeological park contains the Hellenistic stadium,built in the 3rd century BC, where the Athletic events of the Alioi Games took place. There were a part of the major festival of the Ancient Rhodians held in […]

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Rhodes beaches

Tsambika: Located only 15 miles from Rhodes town and only 1/2 mile from the national road that circles the island. This beautiful and naturally landscaped beach, offers everything a visitor would want to have while on a holiday; peace and quiet to enjoy the sun, the crystal clear waters and a nice sandy beach which […]

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The Valley Of Butterflies

A small part of eden lies 26 km away from the city of Rhodes. A thickly planned valley with running waters, wooden bridges and lakes make even the most demanding visitor short of words in front of this unique sight and the feeling of tranquillity. From late July until late September the valley gets filled […]

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The Filerimos Hill

Filerimos is a hill of 267 meters high, thickly planned with cypress, pine and other trees. It is 15,2 kms away from the city of Rhodes and it used to be the citadel of the ancient town of Ialysos which must have been the initial nucleus of the ancient settlement called «Ahaea». The upper part […]

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The Mosque of Suleyman

The Mosque of Suleyman is an early 19th century structure that stands on the site of the original mosque built in 1922. The original mosque was built immediately after Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent captured Rhodes. The current landmark has red-plastered walls, a garden and a stone minaret (closed to the public).

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The square of the Jewish Martyrs

The square of the Jewish Martyrs (Platia Martyron Evreon) is in the heart of the old Jewish Quarter. It was renamed in memory of the large local community of 2000 jews that were taken from this square to Nazi concentration camps in 1943. Only 50 of them survived. The synagogue (restored by survivors of the […]

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The Ancient Kamiros

The ruins of the Ancient Kamiros is no longer inhabited and over a period of time the earth has now covered the area. It has been discoverd that the digs in and around Kamiros, was once a Mycenean burial ground and home of the Doreans and Achaeans, from the second millenium BC. Kamiros was primarily […]

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The Aquarium

The building of the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodos was built during the period 1934-36. In 1937, under Italian rule, it operated as the Reale Istituto di Ricerce Biologiche di Rodi, until 1945, when, after the union of the Dodecanese with Greece, it was renamed “Hellenic Hydrobiological Institute” and operated under the supervision of the Academy […]

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Choose one of the following tours and make your short stay in the island an unforgettable and memorable one. Private trips to the real nature and to all the historical interest sightseeings.

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The Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus was a gigantic statue made of bronze and it stood beside the harbor of a small Greek island named Rhodes in the Aegean Sea. It is described as being approximately 118 feet high. If a man could have stood on top of the head he would have been able to see far across the […]

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We arrived home a few days ago and wanted to thank you for a great day we spent with you in Rhodes. We learned so much about your wonderful island. It was a real treat! We feel that we made a friend in you.

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